Probability Calculator!

  • i. Before the Act


    Q1 Was she on her period?
    Yes No
    Q2 What day of her cycle is she on?

    Q3 Has he had a Vasectomy?
    Yes No
    Q4 Is she on a form of Birth Control?
    Intra Uterine Device
    The Pill
    The Patch
    The Shot
    Tubal Ligation
  • ii. In the Moment


    Q5 Did he ejaculate inside her?
    Yes No
    Q6 Did he wear a condom?
    Yes No
    Q7 Were any other forms of Birth Control used?
    Diaphragm (Female Condom)
  • iii. After the Fact


    Q8 If a Day After Pill was taken, how many hours after?
    Hours Not Taken
    Q9 If a Physical Pregnancy test was taken, was the result positive?
    Yes No
    Q10 Has she missed her period?
    Yes No

The Pregnancy Probability Calculator

Welcome to, the Online Pregnancy Probability Calculator. This page is intended to give you an effective, accurate, and quick answer to the concerns (good OR bad!) you have about probable pregnancy. Taking into account key parameters including events leading up to, during, and after the sexual event our calculator can give you a rough estimate to take with you.

If you find you are asking yourself questions including "Is she pregnant?" or "Am I Pregnant?" then this tool is for you. Take 5 minutes to fill out the required data and get an instant percentage value! Please feel free to browse our other pages shedding some light on where we sources our information from, as well as a rough idea of how our calculator works.

Pregnancy Probability